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ERS Consulting Services

Sample program topics are listed below.  To receive a full, comprehensive list, please contact Mr. Sumar.

One-Day; 1/2 Day Seminars and Workshops

1/2 Day--Adventure in Customer Delight--Fundamentals [Customer Service Seminar]
1/2 Day--When Time Counts [Time Management & Collection Seminar]
1/2 Day--Connectivity the Road to Productivity [Collection Seminar; How to Collect Even in Tough Times]
1/2 Day--Adventure into the Maze of Customer Delight--[Advance Module Customer Service]
1/2 Day workshop--International Trade Financing (ITF) Options Day
1/2 day workshop--The Art of Credit Management: A Global Perspective
1/2 day workshop--The Fundamentals of International Collections
1/2 Day workshop--Intercultural Trade Communication--A Cultural Journey
1/2 Day workshop--The Indispendsable Players: Credit & Sales Masters of the Cs
1/2 Day worskshop--Conflict Resolution: Resolving Conflicts; Maintaining Relationships
1/2 Day worskshop--The Power of Relationships [Networks, Partnerships & Alliances--Basis for Enterprise Success]
1/2 Day worskshop--Strategic Assessment & Environmental Analysis: A Journey to Uncover Your Strengths & Weaknesses [Your Path to uncover Your SWOT]
1/2 Day worskshop--A Strategic Planning Approach to Enterprise Success: Think Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives, and Milestones
1/2 Day worskshop--R3: Recreate, Re-energize, Refuel [Implementing Strastegic Planning]
1/2 Day worskshop--Keep Moving.  Enter the Zone of I.C.E.  Anticipating & Working with Change
1/2 Day Training on Executive Leadership--The OTIS Principle on Leadership
1/2 Day Training on Letters of Credit Basics
One-Day -- Dealer Partnership Program: The Art of Credit & Collection Management Plus ITF Focus
One Day--STA Workshop--Strategic Thinking Approach
One Day--A Treasure Hunt with Otis: Acquiring the Wisdom needed to Navigate the Journey of Life
One Day--Keep More of What You Earn. Spend on What Really Matters.  [Become Financially Responsible--Personal Training Series]